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Le petit nicois groupon

le petit nicois groupon

licensed under Creative Commons. Francois Hollande and, president Nicolas Sarkozy. French Everyman, but his campaign is strictly American. Flamby, after the pudding. Sources: Wikipedia Sarkozy and Hollande, Nice-Matin, bazarim code reduction and NPR. Hollande owes his candidacy to DSK, who would have been the front-runner, and probably would have beaten Sarkozy, if he hadnt had that 5-minute encounter with a hotel maid as he came out of the shower, that she thinks was rape, and he thinks was. See Related Blog Post: Ten ways Sarko has changed France for the better Posted in Uncategorized Comments Off on Six Things You Might Not Know About Sarkozy and Hollande).

Six things you might not know about Francois Hollande: Hollande is running as. His three top advisors are young American-schooled Frenchmen that met at Harvard and MIT, and are duplicating Obamas 2008 strategy. Sarkozy found himself running for President while simultaneously trying to save his marriage. Hollande is the front-runner this year, but in the last election the candidate running against Sarkozy was Segolene Royale, Hollandes life-companion for 30 years and the mother of his 4 children. Carla Bruni, who coincidentally bears a striking resemblance to Cecilia. As the Head of the Socialist Party, he was somewhat blamed for the failure of her campaign, and now that theyve split up hes running. Cecilia Sarkozy acted as his top aide as he rose on the national scene, but in 2005 the relationship was on the rocks, and. Sarkozy was raised Catholic. Watch the one and only televised debate on Wednesday, May 2 at 9pm, which will broadcast with simultaneous translation on France24 English. Once he got his law degree he specialized in family law and business. The nearly 20-year relationship ended soon after he took office, and one month later he met.

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le petit nicois groupon

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