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Coupon detachable carte grise co titulaire

coupon detachable carte grise co titulaire

Number of people seated,.7 CO2 emissions, in grams/kilometre - used in the eco bonus/penalty scheme. Other key elements include:.1. The format of the carte grise changed in 2009 when a new number plate system came. With the new-format cards it is also possible to report a change of address online at You will receive at home a sticker to place over the old address, a process which can be repeated up to three times before you must replace the whole. New cards have a code on the front of 11 numbers and letters called the numro de formule: a number for the card itself which you may need if, for example, writing to the prefecture. For the cars make and model, plus numeric codes identifying its type. The carte grise must always be available when using the vehicle and may be asked for if, for example, you are subject to a police check (even so, it is not recommended you keep it permanently in the car, but rather in your pocket/hand bag. Date of registration,. Where the titulaire is the owner this is stated.4a.3 The titulaires address.4.1 This lists any people who are co-holders of the card and the total number of holders. 8Plates now stay with the car for life instead of changing if you move department.

The front also has a section to be stamped when the car has a contrle technique (French MOT) - with the date and the letter A if it passed without faults needing obligatory repairs, or otherwise. X.1 Date of next obligatory contrle technique. We explain more about this important document. On the other side, the coupon is stamped with a hologram, overlapping onto the main part of the form, guaranteeing its authenticity. P.4 Administrative power - a figure used to work out the price of the card. Listing a partner or other regular user in this way is optional but may, for example, help them prove legitimate use during a police check if their surname is different. If you move house, you apply for a new card within a month, by detaching the coupon and filling in your own details on it (alternatively apply in person at the prefecture).