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Sodexo meal coupons

sodexo meal coupons

coupons available. SaravananSS, may 8, 2016, sodexo meal pass lost, i have lost my Sodexo meal pass worth of Rs 2500 unfortunately. Only big bazar has stopped? Jul 21, 2016 i lost my 2750 worth sodexo coupon i lost my 2750 worth sodexo ease help rraj11, jun 9, 2016, waste of money, i started using sodexo recently, but I am really unsatisfied with the kind of service I am getting.

There is an upper limit for the amount which qualifies for tax rebate. In India its about INR 2000. For instance, if I opt for meal coupons.2000 per.

Secure PIN-based card with 5 year validity. Mar 15, 2012 sodexo mael coupons i get coupons from my office and most of the outlets have stop accepting ey say we cant afford to spend whole day in the sodexo, fill different types of form and in addition to this we even have. Tax savings up to 12,000/- per employee every year. I get sodexo through office which i use in Big bazar but now they are not accepting it where else we can use the sodexo's apart from dominos or Mac D's Y2aakshay Send email Jan 16, 2012 Sodexo Even I had similiar concerns on acceptance. Sep 20, 2016, sodexo Coupens lost, hello, I was lost my sodexo coupons of Rs 9000/. Vasan dental - Implant service Forwarded message From:. Halllllllaaaaaaa Shrugr8, may 14, 2016, i don't need sudexo coupons, i don't need the subscription of my sudexo coupons in my account. The World's Largest, the World's Largest, quality of Life Services company. Please guide me where I can use!