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Code reduction cimarron

code reduction cimarron

that enclose conditioned space or provides a boundary between conditioned space and exempt or unconditioned space. A space or group of spaces within a building with heating or cooling requirements that are sufficiently similar so that desired conditions can be maintained jetstar code promo throughout using a single controlling device. Examples of site-built fenestration include storefront systems, curtain walls, and atrium roof systems. A continuous passageway for the transmission of air that, in addition to ducts, includes duct fittings, dampers, plenums, fans and accessory air-handling equipment and appliances. Physical and space conditioning separation from conditioned space (s). Slab-on- grade construction in which the heating elements, hydronic tubing, or hot air distribution system is in contact with, or placed within or under, the slab. Solar heat gain includes directly transmitted solar heat and absorbed solar radiation which is then reradiated, conducted or convected into the space. 60 lumens per watt for lamps over 40 watts;. A tube or conduit utilized for conveying air. Self-acting, operating by its own mechanism when actuated by some impersonal influence, as, for example, a change in current strength, pressure, temperature or mechanical configuration (see Manual). A fenestration designed to be made up of field-glazed or field-assembled units using specific factory cut or otherwise factory-formed framing and glazing units.

code reduction cimarron

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An insulating board with a core material having a minimum R -value of R-2. The coefficient of heat transmission (air to air) through a building component or assembly, equal to the time rate of heat flow per unit area and unit temperature difference between the warm side and cold side air films ( Btu/h ft2 F) W m2 K). Material(s) assembled and joined together to provide a barrier to air leakage through the building envelope. A wall 50 percent or more below grade and enclosing conditioned space. 40 lumens per watt for lamps 15 watts or less. Glass or other transparent or translucent glazing material installed at a slope of less than 60 degrees (1.05 rad) from horizontal. A version of the proposed design that meets the minimum requirements of this code and is used to determine the maximum annual energy use requirement for compliance based on total building performance. Capable of being operated by personal intervention (see Automatic ). A one- story structure attached to a dwelling with a glazing area in excess of 40 percent of the gross area of the structure's exterior walls and roof. Whole house mechanical ventilation system. The opaque portion of a wall that encloses a crawl space and is partially or totally below grade.