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Groupon results in poland

groupon results in poland

refinement. We also delivered strong performance for stockholders over the course of the year. In this regard, Groupon has few peers. Customers recently wanted to email Groupon about the following: I went in for an appointment and the lady who I was speaking to had left for the day. The combination should mean a seamless and frictionless experience where nearly 50 million customers always find what theyre looking for.

groupon results in poland

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Our international business is beginning to show its long-term potential. And Houston ) The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel/Resort (locations include: Baltimore, Maui, Hawaii, Palo Alto, Calif. 11h ago, i need a live agent for * issues 11h ago, help me with my issue, groupon Customer Service Email. Our goal is to have that value cascade through everything at Groupon and make us a top destination for all forms of talent thanks to the environment weve built and the people who work here. So whether its your favorite local pizza place, a relaxing spa or something fun to do on a Friday night, take a few moments this week to tell the small businesses in your community and their employees just how much they mean to you. Collection running from March 15-17revealed that women are more likely to do a personal spring cleaning makeover than men, but men plan to spend 35 percent more than women (198. And if youve added a few pounds, then youre not alone nearly two-thirds of Americans have put on a little weight over the winter, with the average gain estimated at eight pounds.