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run cam coupon

- Light off for next move. By contrast, on an assembly drawing a reference designator is often placed within the boundaries of a footprint -a very useful technique for eliminating ambiguity on a crowded board where reference designators in the silkscreeen may be near more than one component. Try submitting your search in the box below: Search Internet for a dictionary with the word (Powered by OneLook Dictionaries) Enter word : hints: Adding wild cards expands the search. You wouldn't say, "Count the money in the cash registration." This misuse of registration has become so common that it has entered the literature of PCB design and manufacturing. H hard copy A printed or plotted form of an electronic document (computer data file).

Terminal A point of connection for two or more conductors in an electrical circuit; one of the conductors is usually an electrical contact, lead or electrode of a component. However, in some aperture lists the D is dropped. Position A type of index for an aperture in an aperture list which is a number from 1 to the number of apertures in the aperture list.

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Panel material (most commonly an glass/epoxy-copper laminate known as core) sized for fabrication of printed circuit boards. MCR Molded Carrier Ring. In a netlist, a node is described by a component reference desginator together with a pin number. A type of housing for integrated circuits. Graf U UL Underwriter's Laboratories, Inc., a corporation supported by some underwriters for the purpose of establishing safety standards on types of equipment or components. Often employed to enable a daughter or add-on card to be plugged directly into another much larger printed board, the motherboard or backplane. The time required for an output voltage of a digital cirucit to change from low voltage level (0) to high voltage leve (1 after the change has started. IBM uses 10/90 tin/lead for the solder ball and eutectic solder for the assembly. Probe card DUT board. The high melt balls of the BGA do not melt during PCB assembly and thus create a pre-determined standoff height for the component.

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