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Type de coupon

type de coupon

a valid identifier was provided, and returns an error otherwise. Shipping optional dictionary Shipping information for the charge. If you need to contact us about a specific request, code promo new balance amazon providing the request identifier will ensure the fastest possible resolution. Provide your API key as the basic auth username value.

This can be up to 22 characters. First of all, let us explore the reasons. Yment_succeeded describes an order Occurs whenever an order payment attempt succeeds. Returns Returns a the payout object if the cancellation succeeded. Reason string Reason given by cardholder for dispute.

Object string, value is "event" String representing the code promo gear best sur tout le site objects type. Must be less than or equal to the charge amount. The statement description must contain at least one letter, must not contain characters, and will appear on your customers statement in capital letters. We highly value our reputation and make sure all our customers get the best papers for the lowest price. If this charge is for a customer, the email address specified here will override the customers email address. This hash is then the card object describing that card. If you are creating a manual payout on a Stripe account that uses multiple payment source types, youll need to specify the source type balance that the payout should draw from.

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