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Mycred shortcode list user's coupon

mycred shortcode list user's coupon

coupon; update_option( 'mp_coupons coupons / Deduct points from user mycred- add_creds(. coupon; update_option( 'mp_coupons coupons. Expires strtotime( ' 30 days' / In this exmaple we will want users to be able to use / the generated coupon right away but you can change thi / to any unix timestamp as long as it is befor the expire date. View Documentation Shows the current users badges. The problem I am facing is that when the author of the answer edits his own answer, he can see the shortcode from mycred and he has the ability to change the amount that other users pay him when they click on mycred button.

Is_user_logged_in ) return 'You must be logged in to generate store coupons. Z -1 0z for logging in, d!mitry 08:07. View Documentation 0 Shows a link with an affiliate ID attached when using the Points for referrals hook. Mycred- format_creds( balance ). View Documentation mycred_sell_this Wrapped around content you coupon reponse a imprimer gratuit want to sell. I am building an ability where users are encouraged to give best answers because other users will transfer points. Z -1 0z for view of your page. View Documentation Wrap this shortcode around content you want to hide from users that have a certain amount of points and / or rank (if used).

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